About the Pool

What are the pool hours?

10am – 8pm daily – see our Hours page for more information and occasional exceptions.

What is the minimum age for a child to come to the pool without a parent?

After 5pm, all children under the age of 14 who have not finished the 8th grade must be with a parent. Before 5pm, the decision is up to the parents, however, the child should:

  • be able to swim 2 lengths of the pool with a good stroke
  • know how to contact a parent
  • know how to be responsible for his/her money

I have a nanny watching my children most days during the summer. May they bring our children to the pool?

Yes, but please contact Martha Hodges for the procedure.

Are toys allowed in the pools?

Toys are allowed in the L and baby pools, but not allowed in the lap pool or dive well.

About the Tennis / Pickleball Courts

Do I need a key for the tennis courts and/or lights?

  • You may purchase a key for $2 to access Courts 8 and 9 (“The Woods” courts) as well as the lights for Courts 1&2 and 3&4
  • For an additional $5.00, you may purchase a key to all courts and the restroom
  • Please lock courts 8 & 9 when you finish playing.
  • Keys are available in the pool office, or contact Martha Hodges

How do I turn on the lights on Courts 1-4?

Access to the light switches requires the same key that you need for Courts 8 & 9.

How do I reserve tennis or pickle ball courts?

Use the court reservation system.

Can my child play wallball on the tennis backboard / pickleball court #2?

No, we now have a dedicated wallball wall beside the pavilion, which is the only place where wallball is permitted.

About the Facilities

How do I reserve the pavilion or the field?

Learn more about using the pavilion or the field on our Facility Rental page, and contact Martha Hodges to make a reservation.

What can I do to help keep the bee problem under control?

Please clean up all spills, especially of sweet drinks, candy, ice cream, and other sweets items, as the sugar attracts yellow jackets.

What should I do with my trash and recycling?

We ask that you please throw away trash as soon as food or drink is consumed. Trash goes in the beige cans, and recyclables go in the blue containers.

  • Recyclables include: empty aluminum cans, empty plastic bottles, flattened cardboard boxes (except pizza boxes), newspapers, and magazines.
  • Do not recycle: candy wrappers, ice cream wrappers, styrofoam cups, pizza boxes, paper plates, or popsicle sticks.

Is the playground accessible when the pools are closed?


How does someone apply to work in the snack bar, as a gatekeeper, or a groundskeeper?

Please see the full requirements for various KRA jobs on our Employment page.

Where is my child allowed to play wallball?

We now have a dedicated wallball wall beside the pavilion, which is the only place where wallball is permitted.