Reservation and Use of the Field

  • Requests for daily or weekly use throughout a sports season must be made in writing or by email to Tom Hoy or Martha Hodges. A statement of insurance coverage for the team must accompany the request.
  • Requests for one-time use of the field (such as for a birthday party) may be made by phone either to the Kanawha office (804-288-4421) during the pool season or to Tom (804-708-0830) or Martha (804-241-2974) in the off-season.
  • If a ball goes over the fence and into the pool area, please do not climb the fence to retrieve it – contact management.
  • The field is closed during rain or extreme wet conditions. We follow Henrico County Parks & Recreation closures – when in doubt, call the Henrico County Sports Hotline (804-501-5132).
  • Users of the field are encouraged to participate in Kanawha’s annual workday in May of each year.

Reservation and Use of the Pavilion

  • Members are allowed to reserve the picnic shelter for events during pool hours at no cost. Please call the pool office (804-288-4421) or Martha Hodges to check availability.
  • Any non-member guests attending an event are subject to a $5.00 guest fee during the pool season, but only if they intend to swim
  • Community groups may use the picnic shelter if they are sponsored by a KRA member during the offseason
  • We allow events in-season after pool hours and in the off-season for the following fees:
    • Party with music and/or alcohol served (both provided by host):
      $200 facility fee payable to Kanawha + $20/hr manager fee
    • Party without music or alcohol:
      $50 facility fee payable to Kanawha + $20/hr manager fee

Group Events Using the Pool

  • We’re unable to extend pool hours for a private gathering
  • Outside groups larger than 10 must get approval from the Pool Manager to use the pool facilities, and must be accompanied by a member.
  • Group usage of the pool will be at the discretion of the Pool Manager and the Board of Directors